The Punchword project and the Punchy token are presented in the whitepaper downlable on our website

The whitepaper does not in any way constitute a prospectus, or an offer to sell, or an invitation to subscribe or a solicitation to invest in financial securities. The purpose of this document is to present the project relating to the Social Media Punchword, the services offered and the advantages granted by subscribing to PUNCH tokens.

The management and employees of the Punchword are working to ensure the success of the operation and its development, however they themselves are subject to the inherent risks of the sector. Consequently, this whitepaper does not in any way constitute a guarantee of the economic and structural model implemented or of the launch of operations, which include the opening and commissioning of the Punchword platform.

Punchword is not a financial intermediary nor is it a digital asset service. Investment in a token offer includes partial or total risk of the investment. No guarantee is given to the subscriber as to the liquidity of the tokens acquired during the offer, the existence of a secondary market for these tokens, the value of the tokens acquired during the offer and the equivalent value of these tokens in currency.

PUNCH tokens operate in an independent, decentralized, and unregulated market. Unlike traditional financial assets, digital tokens are not tracked by a central bank and consequently, cannot be subject to corrective measures to protect their value.

Digital token markets depend solely on supply and demand. Subscription and conservation of PUNCH tokens depend on the blockchain system and network. Punchword is not a guarantor of the proper functioning of this system, and consequently, has no obligation of protection or guarantee in the event of systemic failure, an error, fault, violation or omission of the subscriber which would result in the loss of tokens subscribed.

The terms and conditions of token subscription and the functioning of the Punchword platform may change as a function of political, social, economic, financial, competitive, legal and regulatory conditions of the cryptoasset sector in which it is located. A change can also be caused in the event of a change in the commercial strategy, the availability of professionals, and more generally owing to any endogenous or exogenous factors. In this framework, this token offer is not meant for new users but is reserved for users who have knowledge and skills in the field, which translates as sufficient experience and expertise to determine the costs and benefits of an investment in digital tokens. Consequently, the subscriber must be capable of making a decision about whether or not to subscribe given his or her exposure and risk aversion.

This whitepaper is not meant to take the place of the buyer’s knowledge that is expected to proceed with subscription of Punchword tokens. It does not provide any general information about the functionalities and legislation applicable in the blockchain and digital token field. It does not provide any information, indication or recommendation, in particular pertaining to the guarantee of success or profitability of the project, which would encourage the user to subscribe to a token offer. The legislation, regulatory framework and fiscal regulations applicable to the holding of digital tokens and non-fungible tokens is at the beginning stage and as such, is evolving continuously.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to inform him or herself depending on his or her personal situation, and if needed to consult with a qualified professional in the field, before proceeding with or giving up the subscription. By proceeding with the subscription operation, the buyer understands and expressly declares to Punchword to be fully aware of the risks associated with the mechanism relating to use of the blockchain, cryptoassets and investment in tokens, and declares that he or she accepts them without reservation after reading the whitepaper.

Under no circumstances will Punchword be held responsible in the event of loss of the value invested, loss of tokens, hacking, or a situation resulting in the impossibility for the buyer to access Punchword tokens as a result of his or her own actions and/or omissions. The PUNCH token created for the functioning of the Punchword platform is a digital token which falls under the technical sub-category of the “utility token”. It does not confer any financial right to its subscriber. The purchase of PUNCH tokens only allows the subscriber to initiate transactions on Punchword. No other right of use is conferred to the user.

The purchase of PUNCH tokens does not represent a financial investment contract between the issuing company and the subscriber: the latter shall not be entitled under any circumstances to claim a financial right, such as payment of dividends, interest or any other compensation in return for the investment made, or a political right of access, information, and /or participation in governance of the issuing company. Consequently, the PUNCH token cannot be used on other platforms

By proceeding with the subscription, the subscriber declares and guarantees Punchword:
• That he or she has the legal and financial capacity to subscribe to the PUNCH token offer;
• That he or she will not use this subscription for purposes contrary to the applicable legislation in the area of fighting money laundering and financing terrorism, and more generally, for any purposes contrary to the legislation in force;
• That he or she is not a novice user and has sufficient skills to assess the subscription opportunity, after studying the project, analyzing the risks, and reading the whitepaper;
• That he or she is aware that Punchword does not guarantee the success of the operation envisaged;
• That he or she is subscribing to the purchase of PUNCH tokens solely to access the Punchword platform, to the exclusion of any external usage.
All information contained in the whitepaper is provided for informational purposes only and the whitepaper has no contractual value. Subscribers are therefore invited to take note of the Terms and Conditions of the ICO when subscribing to PUNCH token.

After subscription, PUNCH tokens buyer have a withdrawal period of 14 days.